WASHINGTON, DC, US — Total use of corn for fuel ethanol in August dropped 3% from the previous month, but increased 4% from a year earlier, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Grain Crushings and Co-Products Production report.

In August, 432 million bushels of corn was used for fuel ethanol production. Total corn consumed for alcohol and other uses was 484 million bushels.

Dry milling fuel production used 93.5% of the corn consumed and wet milling fuel production used 6.5%.

Dry mill co-product production of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) was 1.87 million tons during August 2022, down 3% from July 2022 but up 2% from August 2021.

Distillers wet grains (DWG), with 65% or more moisture, was 1.32 million tons in August 2022, up 3% from July 2022 and up 13% from August 2021.

Wet mill corn gluten feed production was 248,856 tons during August 2022, down 8% from July 2022 and down 9% from August 2021. Wet corn gluten feed, with 40% to 60% moisture was 189,203 tons in August 2022, down 15% from July 2022 and down 8% from August 2021.