ALGIERS, ALGERIA —Wheat and barley yields in Algeria are expected to increase in 2022-23 with a return to average weather patterns, according to a report from the Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Harvest is forecast at 3.3 million tonnes for wheat and 1.2 million tonnes for barley. Despite the government’s pledges to expand cereal production, adverse effects from the pandemic prevented farmers from expanding acreage in a meaningful way, the USDA said.

Precipitation levels in 2022-23 were overall higher than the normal average and higher than last year’s level in the Mediterranean Coast areas but lower in the high plateaus.

“Post bumped up yield and production output based on average weather, and reports from the Algerian office of Cereals (OAIC) reported that the harvest and storage operations took place in good conditions,” the USDA said.

Traders indicate that the OAIC continues to purchase bread wheat on the international market throughout 2022. Reports indicated that Algeria bought Russian wheat, with shipments to be delivered during the second half of September and October. Wheat imports for 2022-23 are forecast at 8.3 million tonnes.