OZARK, MISSOURI, US —BulkLoads.com, an online load board, is partnering with NewBOS Partners, LLC, which provides logistics, trading and ERP software to the agriculture industry.

Integration between the platforms allows NewBOS users to instantly post load opportunities to BulkLoads.com, eliminating errors and efforts from dual entry and management on two platforms. The result for carriers is access to more opportunities along with more accurate and up-to-date load information.

“We know we serve the same customers from two angles, trade management for NewBOS and bulk hauling for BulkLoads,” said Jared Flinn, co-founder of BulkLoads. “This integration simplifies the process, now allowing our systems to communicate seamlessly. Now traders can easily move shipments from NewBOS to BulkLoads and BulkLoads carriers back to NewBOS, helping complete the entire load life cycle.”

As of Aug. 1, NewBOS GEN2020 users have a built-in function to instantly upload opportunities to BulkLoads, allowing them to easily find carriers for their loads.

This ultimately will streamline the freight process, making all parties more efficient and profitable.

“This really is a magic bullet for our traders and logistics teams trying to find trucks in these difficult times,” said Jeff M. White, senior partner at NewBOS. “This integration with BulkLoads adds a much-needed resource pool to reduce time finding freight or backhauls for a specific or large group of loads. Efficiency continues to be the cornerstone of desperately keeping freight affordable and keeping food costs down for all our families.”

The companies plan to continue expanding this integration allowing NewBOS users to dispatch loads as if they are using BulkLoads’s transportation management system (BulkTMS). Carriers will be able to upload documents, weights, and invoices that will automatically flow back into NewBOS & PaperBOS. This will continue to eliminate waste and errors.

BulkLoads is a network for bulk commodities and transportation, connecting and interacting through its community-driven load boards, forum discussion, instant messaging, and member directories.

NewBOS offers a complete solution for improving operations and financial reporting with fully integrated contract management, logistics execution, inventory control, financial reporting, and everything in between.