SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, US—Oscar Abreu has been named as the new product manager for the CalorMatic product line at Sweet Manufacturing Company.

In this role, Abreu will oversee the CalorMatic product line, driving sales growth, integrating customer feedback, and overseeing new applications for future product line development and performance.

“In recent decades, the increase in grain and ingredient feed quality has led the feed mill industry, as well as poultry, cattle, and dairy producers, to invest in state-of-the-art grain conditioning equipment to produce high-protein and high-energy feed ingredients,” said Julio Contreras, vice president of sales. “Our CalorMatic line of dryers has been perfected through the years to increase the production of high-quality feed ingredients with high nutrient values to maximize the animal digestibility and long shelf life of meals and processed ingredients. Having Oscar on our team will allow us to increase our reach to customers needing technical support to incorporate our CalorMatic line of dryers in new and existing facilities. The small footprint of our dryers allows the system to integrate with little disruption of the feed processes.”

Abreu's experience includes 15 years of leading several firms in international sales and business development in the agricultural sector. Before Sweet Manufacturing, he worked in the bulk material handling industry as an international account executive for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean region.

Prior to that, he managed his own company, INTPROCON, a project management consulting firm that provided turnkey solutions to the feed mill and biomass industries.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to working with producers and the industry in general,” Abreu said. “Every product has nutritional, energy, and agricultural values that the CalorMatic could transform into a valuable source and increase return on investment.”

Abreu has a bachelor’s degree in animal science and certification in feed manufacturing from Kansas State University, with vast experience in feed mill planning and integrations.