WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA —  To help answer questions and facilitate trade, a working group of Canadian and U.S. non-profit and trade organizations has updated its website to include answers to important questions on cross-border trade for seed, the groups said on Oct. 17.
Although there is little change in the marketing environment for seed following the implementation of the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, some may want a better understanding of the seed regulations on both sides of the border.
The website,, provides a detailed frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on both cross-border seed trade and producer deliveries following the implementation of the Act on Aug. 1, in Canada. Visitors can also submit comments and additional questions through the website.
“This site will help answer questions for those who might consider selling or buying seed across the U.S.-Canada border,” said Patty Townsend, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Canadian Seed Trade Association. “The two markets operate differently, but these online answers will help the seed trade identify and navigate new ways to market their seed.”
The website provides information on the regulatory requirements in both Canada and the United States for cross-border seed trade, including differences in varietal registration, labeling and phytosanitary requirements.
“Key grower and industry stakeholders joined together to provide this online resource that answers the most important questions on the changes to the regulations and their implications,” said Andy LaVigne, president and CEO of the American Seed Trade Association. “We strongly encourage members of the commercial seed trade to visit the website and to contact us with their comments and questions.”