NEW DELHI, INDIA — India is likely to produce a record 316.06 million tonnes of grain in the current crop year to June, Reuters reported, citing government estimates released by the farm ministry Feb. 16. The total would be up from 310.74 million tonnes harvested the previous year.

Wheat output is expected at 111.32 million tonnes, up from the previous year's 109.59 million tonnes, and farmers are likely to harvest 127.93 million tonnes of rice compared to last year’s production of 124.37 million tonnes.

Oilseeds output is expected at 37.1 million tonnes, rising from 35.9 million tonnes in the previous year. The output of rapeseed, the main winter oilseed with the highest oil content, is expected at 11.4 million tonnes, exceeding a target of 10.97 million tonnes and the previous year's 10.2 million tonnes.

Production of chickpeas, a popular variety of pulses, is estimated to reach 13.2 million tonnes, bettering the previous year’s 11.91 million tonnes.