NEW DELHI, INDIA — India is forecast to produce a record 284.8 million tonnes of grain in the 2017-18 crop year, according to a report released on Aug. 28 by the country’s agriculture ministry.

If realized, the output would be 9.7 million tonnes higher than in 2016-17, the ministry said.

The report said rice production is projected at 112.9 million tonnes, compared to 109.7 million in 2016-17, while wheat output is forecast at 99.7 million tonnes, up from 98.5 million a year ago.

Coarse grains production is forecast at 46.99 million tonnes, up by 5.5 million tonnes from 2016-17, including 28.7 million tonnes of corn and 25.2 million tonnes of pulses, the ministry said.

Oilseeds output in 2017-18 also will be slightly higher at 31.1 million tonnes, the ministry said.

Despite relatively dry planting conditions and low winter rains, extended low temperatures during critical growth stages through harvest supported record wheat yields, especially in growing areas with assured irrigation facilities, according to a USDA report.