WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Senior grain industry representatives from Mexico are attending the Mexican Wheat Importers Program at the Canadian International Grains Institute(Cigi) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Oct. 29-31 to learn more about Canadian wheat quality and the new marketing environment from Canadian industry officials.
“With the changes in the western Canadian marketing structure, Cigi is holding this program for the Mexican importers to assure them that Canada will continue to deliver high quality wheat to meet their needs,” said Earl Geddes, Cigi’s Executive Director. “Different areas of the Canadian industry have come together to provide these potential Mexican customers with all the information they are seeking and to answer their questions so that they know Canada is ready, willing and able to conduct business with them the way they want to do business.”
The 11 importers will learn about all aspects of the Canadian wheat export industry from senior officials representing the Canadian Grain Commission, grain companies and railways, as well as about Canadian wheat milling quality and the new marketing structure.
“The program will provide them with an opportunity to find out firsthand that the Canadian industry is looking forward to providing Mexico with the same consistent, high quality wheat that they have come to expect for their mills,” said Geddes.
Representatives from the malting barley, pulse, and canola industries will also have an opportunity to present and meet with the Mexican importers.