WUTHA-FARNRODA, GERMANY — Following the spin-off of their Italian office and partner, PETKUS will expand its seed and grain turnkey solution business under the new leadership of Felix Bosse.

“Reliable and professional project management shall by key of my leadership,” Bosse said, as recently demonstrated with new plants in Central Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

Mark Scholze, chief executive officer of PETKUS, and Henning Hoeppner, chief financial officer, will run the activities in the Wutha-Farnroda, Germany headquarters. They also will oversee the sales network of 17 global PETKUS offices.

Dr. Khaled Raed, chief innovation officer, will take over the lead of the new PETKUS MENA office in Dubai. He will continue to oversee the PETKUS Innovation program, the optical technology specialist Röber Institute and the fine seed technology company PETKUS Selecta in the Netherlands. Silo manufacturer Simeza will remain a 50% shareholding.

The PETKUS Group has exported technological solutions and products to 91 countries during the last five years.