MANKATO, MINNESOTA, US — The Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance added one new member to its board of directors, re-elected two others and named Rob Prather of Global Processing as its new board chair during its 2021 Annual Meeting.

Prather and past chairman Robert Sinner, president of North Dakota’s SB&B Foods, were re-elected to the board during the Dec. 3 meeting, and Bryan Stobaugh of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council was elected to the other open seat. 

Following the business meeting, the board of directors elected officers, and Prather was voted in as chair, moving up from his previous position of vice chair.

 “I’m humbled,” said Prather, chief strategic ambassador for Iowa-based Global Processing. “There’s definitely some big shoes to fill. I’m excited to be staying in the leadership. With the COVID-stunted progress that we’ve had, some things just didn’t quite get done. I’m excited that the US Identity Preserved brand did get done — that was awesome — but I think there’s a lot more to do. Consistency and familiarity are what the people we deal with need, and I’m glad to be able to help provide that.”

 Adam Buckentine, director of Soy Food and Organics at The Redwood Group, was elected SSGA vice chair. Colby Eymann, product group manager, Select Global Grains & Oilseeds for Scoular, was elected secretary/treasurer.

 “I’m really looking forward to continuing the work that’s already been happening at SSGA,” Buckentine said. “There’s a ton of great projects that are going on, and I’m going to do my best to use some of the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years in this industry to contribute.”

 Earlier this year, Eymann was appointed to the board of directors following the resignation of Raquel Hansen. Eymann will complete the remaining two years of that seat’s term.

 “I’m excited and honored to join the board of directors here at SSGA,” Eymann said. “I think what’s really got me excited is the role of the US Identity Preserved brand and, together with Rob as the chairman, and the rest of the board, pushing that out for US soy and specialty grains.”

 Stobaugh, Missouri Soybean's director of licensing, serves as chair of SSGA’s agronomy action team. He was elected to the seat held by retiring board director Rick Brandenburger of Richland IFC. Other members of the SSGA board of directors include Darwin Rader of Michigan-based Zeeland Farm Services, Minnesota farmer Keith Schrader and Wisconsin farmer Andy Bensend.

“This is a group of such smart, talented people,” said Eric Wenberg, executive director of the SSGA. “They not only represent all of the areas vital to SSGA and its members, but they have a passion for what they do. And that will only serve our membership and help our alliance grow and grow stronger going forward.”