DELAWARE, OHIO, US — Heritage Cooperative has completed a grain expansion project at its Marysville Ag Campus in Marysville, Ohio, US, adding two new grain silos that will provide the cooperative with an additional 1.7 million bushels of grain storage, bringing total grain storage capacity at the site to just under 5 million bushels.

Construction on the $5 million project began in early April and was handled by Elevator Services and Storage, Inc.

Heritage Cooperative said the additional storage will benefit its growers in the Marysville area as well as growers in Kenton, Urbana, Upper Sandusky, and other locations on the western side of Ohio. Access to grain storage becomes much more available for growers when stored grain is shipped to Marysville freeing up space needed in other areas, the cooperative said.

“We are very excited about this project and the grain storage solutions this provides to our growers throughout the area,” said Jeff Osentoski, president and chief executive officer of Heritage Cooperative. “This additional storage capacity allows us to take customer’s grain when they need to unload it and the timing is perfect for our busy harvest season, which we are currently in.”