WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — G3 has announced plans to build two new high-efficiency grain elevators in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The elevators will be located in Rycroft, Alberta, Canada, and Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada, on the CN Railway.

Both facilities will have 42,000 tonnes of capacity and a railway loop track that can accommodate a 150-car unit train, G3 said. The elevators also will be able to unload a Super-B truck in less than five minutes, the company said.

“We are excited to extend our network of high-efficiency facilities to the farming communities around Rycroft and Melfort,” said Don Chapman, chief executive officer of G3. “G3 is keeping grain moving to market, and that means more delivery opportunities for our farmer customers, and faster service, which saves farmers time and money.”

Construction on the elevators will begin later this year, pending final regulatory approvals, with completion expected in early 2023.

G3 currently has 17 grain elevators across Western Canada, including two that opened this year: G3 Vermilion (Alberta) and G3 Swift Current (Saskatchewan). G3 Terminal Vancouver, a grain export terminal on the West Coast, opened in 2020.