NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US — Brazil’s 2020-21 corn crop is now expected to drop 20 million tonnes from last year’s harvest to 81.9 million tonnes due to unfavorable weather conditions, Reuters reported, based on data from AgRural. 

The agriculture consultancy firm previously had estimated the harvest at 82.2 million tonnes, which compared with 102.6 million tonnes in 2019-20. 

Much of the decrease was seen in the second corn crop that is currently being harvested. Those totals are estimated at 55.6 million tonnes, which compared with 75.1 million tonnes in 2019-20. 

About 10% of the 2021-22 first corn crop is planted in the Center-South region as of last week, AgRural said. 

Planting is concentrated in the southern states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana. While the planting has “evolved well” in Rio Grande do Sul following last week's rains, AgRural said that some areas in the other two states are still dry.