WASHINGTON, DC, US — A good portion of the United States has been impacted by hot, dry weather this year, particularly spring wheat growers. 

Chandler Goule, chief executive officer (CEO) of the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG), is attending the Wheat Quality Council’s 2021 Hard Spring and Durum Wheat Tour along with Anne Osborne, project manager for the National Wheat Foundation, to better understand the challenges US wheat farmers are facing and how to support them. 

“We are looking forward to learning more from wheat producers on the ground this week and understand the ways NAWG can better advocate for the common good of the industry,” said Goule. “We always want to listen and understand how policies or current situations are impacting wheat growers and being able to attend these tours provides that instrumental opportunity.”

Crop insurance, disaster assistance, and additional funding for breeding programs for more resilient crops are among the many programs NAWG continues to promote in Washington, DC, US, and with the administration.

“The people on the tour are interested in promoting high-quality, profitable wheat, just like The Foundation is doing,” Osborne said. “They may be interested in participating in our National Wheat Yield contest or helping with some of our other projects about high quality, high profit, or nutrition through wheat.” 

NAWG and NWF is utilizing this time on the wheat tour to engage with breeders, food scientists, millers, bakers, producers, input providers, nutritionists, and consumers to develop research projects and education programs that will increase the value of wheat for all segments.