SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — JBS SA, the world’s largest meat packer, imported 30 shiploads of corn from Argentina into Brazil due to a crop failure in Brazil, Reuters reported, citing a statement it received.

JBS said purchases from suppliers outside of Brazil represent 25% of the corn it is using as feed, with volumes greater than 1 million tonnes.

Imports from Argentina were more competitive because of an excellent crop.

It believes Brazil will export 15 million tonnes less of corn and import at least 4 million tonnes, Reuters said.

The government said the country will export 29.5 million tonnes of corn and import 2.3 million tonnes.

Weather-related problems with Brazil's second corn crop have led to companies exiting their contracts on washout clauses, threatening exports, Reuters said.

Brazil's second corn crop represents between 70% and 75% of all output in a given year and is the country's biggest corn crop.