LONDON, ENGLAND — The International Grains Council (IGC) announced on July 5 that Taras Kachka of Ukraine has been named chairperson of the organization for 2021-22.

Taras Kachka of Ukraine, chairperson of the organization for 2021-22. Photo courtesy of IGC.

Kachka, who is deputy minister for economic development, trade and agriculture for Ukraine, said the IGC’s common goal “is to develop further engagement with all the major producers and consumers of grains.”

“The commodities within the scope of the IGC are fundamental for global food security and food systems,” he said. “We will try to ensure open and regular information sharing and exchange of views among the members of IGC. I will also support the involvement of other international organizations and relevant consumers and producers of grains in the work of the Council.”

In line with its agreed medium-term priorities, the IGC Secretariat said it is aiming to finalize its model-based global supply and demand balances for grains-based ethanol, to increase its analysis and reporting on world biofuel sectors and feedstock utilization.

The Secretariat also is interested in promoting dialogue between governments on grains trade policies and increasing the IGC’s membership as well as a greater cooperation between the public and private sectors, to enhance the resilience of the global trade and food systems.

In addition, it will support the chairperson’s efforts by continuing to organize regular webinars between the public and private sectors on the main issues affecting the grains value chain during his chairmanship.