WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA —Ag Growth International Inc. (AGI) signed a partnership agreement with Bushel, Inc. to add key functionalities to its AGI SureTrack program.

Bushel provides customers with solutions including the automation of weigh scale tickets issued by grain elevators. In addition, the Bushel platform automates the contracts and settlements required to complete grain sales. These key functionalities will be added to the SureTrack platform to extend its capabilities, adding critical automation to ensure seamless, accurate, and transparent transactions between buyers and sellers of grain. In addition, AGI will have the opportunity to leverage Bushel’s strong relationships that include more than 60,000 farm-level users as well as 2,000 commercial-level grain facilities who use the Bushel platform today.

“Our AGI SureTrack customers will benefit greatly from our new partnership with Bushel,” said Tim Close, president and chief executive officer of AGI. “The increased functionality that Bushel brings to AGI SureTrack will help streamline key post-harvest grain selling and purchasing activities, bringing a new level of automation to activities that are commonly performed manually. The integration of weighing data from scale tickets created at grain elevators into AGI SureTrack’s Grain Marketplace ecosystem is a significant extension of our current capability and will be a major source of value for our customers. We look forward to working with the entire Bushel team to advance our exciting technologies.”

Jake Joraanstad, CEO and co-founder of Bushel, added, “At Bushel, we value the strength in partnerships and collaboration to unite market-leading solutions to create better value for our customers. Our connection provides the critical grain sales data needed to reduce manual entry and save time during the busiest times of the season. Commercial grain facilities will have to field less phone calls as all parties will have clear visibility to what was purchased and sold. With privacy controls built-in, growers have the opportunity to manage how their data is seen and shared with grain facilities.”

Bushel’s platform reaches 40% of grain origination in the United States, resulting in one of the largest technology network effects among growers and grain buyers in the United States. Within Bushel’s ecosystem, $22 billion of grain is contracted annually.