CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA — The Australian Bureau of Statistics on Jan. 24 reported that the stock of grain held by Australian bulk handling companies and grain traders in December represented an increase in amount over 2010 and an increase in feed grain stock.

Australia's bulk storage of wheat grain in December 2011 increased by 9.2 million tonnes (60%) to 24.6 million tonnes from November 2011. This was 6.4 million tonnes higher than the amount stored in December 2010.

The improvement in the new season’s wheat harvest continued in December 2011, with a further rise in the quality of wheat grain. Stocks of wheat grain for milling were 17 million tonnes, which was 69% of all grain stored in December 2011.

Feed grade wheat grain stocks were 7.6 million tonnes (31% of all grain) at the end of December 2011. This was an increase of 679,000 tonnes compared to December 2010.

All Australian states, except Queensland, recorded increased stocks of wheat grain stored in December 2011 when compared to November 2011. Western Australia stored the largest amount with 9.1 million tonnes, which was 37% of the national stocks. New South Wales was the next largest with 5.9 million tonnes (24%).