WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Grain farmers, farm groups, industry associations and licensed grain companies will be invited to formal consultations with the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC), the group said on Dec. 14 in order to discuss a proposal to modernize its user fees.

"The Canadian Grain Commission is pleased to hold these consultations so that we can continue to deliver the high-quality services that our stakeholders deserve," said Chief Commissioner Elwin Hermanson. "The input from farmers and grain industry stakeholders will help us ensure that we have fair and consistent user fees, service standards, and performance measures for our services."

Specifically, the Canadian Grain Commission is seeking stakeholders’ views on the following:

    • its approach to modernizing fees as outlined in the User Fees Consultation Document;
    • its services, service standards and performance measures; and
    • the impact of any changes on stakeholders’ operations.

In January 2011, the CGC will be holding several information sessions regarding its approach to changing its user fees. Most user fees have not changed since 1991.

Locations, dates and times of the sessions are available at

Stakeholders can sign up to participate by emailing: [email protected].