CAMPO SAN MARTINO, ITALY — Mulmix has patented an internal cone silo without support columns.

This new product is ideal for those in the milling and animal feed sectors who require a mixed product from several silos on a daily basis, Mulmix said. The conical silo has a central free space inside that allows scales, feeders and chain conveyors to be placed under the cone. It looks like a classic flat-bottomed silo.

“The special feature of the product is a unique system for fastening the cone to the silo,” said Andrea Nardo, head of the Mulmix research and development department. “Depending on its use, the cone can be positioned at different heights from ground level according to the space required under the unloading hopper. The revolutionary part of removing the columns allows us to add great flexibility to meet the various needs of our customers.”

Mulmix said advantages and potential of this silo design include:

  • Cleanliness: Due to the presence of the cone, the silo remains perfectly clean.
  • Suitable for organic: Ideal for those who handle organic products.
  • The FIFO method (first in, first out): A counter cone on the inside of the silo aids ventilation and facilitates the release of the first product that enters, thus preventing the first silage product from staying inside for too long.
  • Hermetically sealed: These silos are also prepared for treatment with nitrogen or CO2.
  • Maintenance: All the machines are protected against harsh weather conditions.
  • Civil works: A simple platform with above-ground machines.

These new bins range from 3.70 to 12 meters in diameter and have a capacity of 100 to 2,000 tonnes. The prototype, made at the Mulmix factory, was inspected and stress-tested over a long period of time. Finally, after positive assessment by structural engineering consultants, it was put into production.

The coupling bolts are 12-micron galvanized and salt spray-tested. They provide excellent resistance in all possible installation contexts. For more specific requirements and increased cleanliness, the coupling bolts are mounted in such a way as to prevent any build-up of the product.

“Our internal cone silos are highly versatile, and we have received excellent feedback from our customers where we have already installed them, not only with regard to the type of silos but also to the quality/price ratio,” said Nicola Lorenzo Finco, chief executive officer of Mulmix. “Our production unit is working flat out to meet the demands we receive from all over the world. Going ahead with the patent for this unique coupling system was an excellent decision, since no rival company offers a similar system. From the patent presentation by the Padua-based firm, which oversees our patents and prepared all the documents to be deposited, to obtaining the patent it took about eight to nine months.”