OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said on Sept. 28 that he welcomed the report of the working group on marketing freedom for Western Canadian producers of wheat and barley. The report draws on expert advice from across the grain industry and will play a vital role in the government's planning for an orderly transition to marketing choice.

"I wish to thank the members of the working group and the involvement of the entire grain value chain for their contributions and analysis," Ritz said. "Farmers have the skills and knowledge to adapt and adjust to selling their wheat and barley on the open market, in the same way they are succeeding with other crops."

The report addresses key issues related to the importance of certainty for the market, a voluntary wheat board and how the grain marketing and transportation systems can adapt to take advantage of the opportunities of an open market.

The recommendations put forward in the report will be considered as the government moves to give Western Canadian grain farmers marketing choice.

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