BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — Dryness and a recent harsh frost have caused wheat yields to be projected lower in Argentina, according to a report released by the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange on Aug. 20.

An estimated 6.5 million hectares of wheat were recently planted for the 2020-21 crop year, down from the original forecast of 6.8 million hectares, the report said.

It noted that over the last week there have been light and heavy frost covering much of the country’s grain production region.

The Buenos Aires Grains Exchange said the frost had caused irreversible damage in some of the earlier-planted wheat areas.

Argentina is projected to rank tenth in global wheat production in 2020-21 at 20.5 million tonnes, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. It is projected to be the world’s eighth largest wheat exporter this year at 14 million tonnes.