BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — The Rosario Grains Exchange (BCR) has once again lowered its wheat production forecast for Argentina as a prolonged drought continues to reduce the country’s grain output.

The BCR projects the 2020-21 wheat harvest at 16.7 million tonnes, lower than the previous estimate of 17 million tonnes and well below last year’s total of 19.7 million tonnes.

Argentina, which is a major wheat supplier to neighboring South American countries such as Brazil, has been dealing with a drought since the middle of the year, and is expected to produce its smallest wheat crop in five years, the BCR said.

In its monthly crop report, BCR said the province of Cordoba is especially hard hit and is expected to produce its worst harvest in 20 years.

Out of the 6.5 million hectares of wheat sown, about 600,000 has been discarded due to adverse weather, BCR said.