CUT BANK, MONTANA, US — Pardue Grain Inc. will sell its grain elevator and pulse processing facility in Cut Bank, Montana, US, in September at auction.

The facility recently completed an $8.25 million expansion that included a food grade pulse processing facility with warehouse, expanded grain handling bins and conveying equipment along with new scale house and main office buildings.

The auction is to be hosted by Maas Companies.

“The perfect storm of significant construction delays outside of the owner’s control and the recent pandemic are key factors forcing the sale,” said Maas Companies.

The facility is located 12 miles west of Cut Bank, Montana, US, with its own 10 car private rail spur off BNSF’s mainline. It also holds several food grade ratings, including organic and kosher certifications.

“Rarely do we see this type of opportunity in this industry,” said Tyler Maas of Maas Companies. “The current owners are willing to facilitate a smooth transition with a new owner after being involved with the site since its beginning in 1959. Bidders are fortunate to have the ability to purchase the property in tracts or as an entirety. The property is in pristine operating condition.”

The main plant property and equipment will sell in tracts or as an entirety via a sealed bid auction with bids due on Sept. 15. The ancillary support equipment is selling piecemeal via a timed online auction ending on Sept. 16.

The auction manner of sale is: Tract 1: 34.71+ acres main plant and equipment with 10 car private rail spur on BNSF’s  mainline. Tract 2: interior pulse processing equipment line to be moved if sold separately. Tract 3: entirety purchase of tracts 1 and tract 2 remaining on site. Bidders will submit offers to the auction company by the sealed bid deadline and the high bidder will be contacted by the auction company within 24 hours thereafter.

Support equipment will be sold via an online only timed auction. The support items are selling piecemeal and independent of the real estate and processing equipment auction.

Bidders interested in the property should contact Maas Companies to receive access to all the due diligence documents prior to the auction.

Potential buyers are encouraged to inspect the property during the below noted times or any time via virtual tour:

  • August 27, 2020    9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • September 10, 2020    9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Other times by appointment.

For more information about the auction please visit Maas Companies website.

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