NEW DELHI, INDIA — The Third National Grains Conference is planned Dec. 2-3 in New Delhi, India, with a focus on the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-2017), organized by Assocom India.

Assocom India said there is talk that the 4% growth target for agriculture, fixed in the 11th Five-Year Plan, is good enough for the next plan. Several issues related to the plan will be discussed during the National Grains Conference including what policy initiatives are necessary, is the requisite financial, technological and human resources available and what is the strategic action plan to achieve 4% farm growth?

The country has too much at stake in this plan as the actual performance during the next five years has the potential to set a clear and visionary direction for the country, Assocom India said.

Policymakers, large grain corporations, grain processors, exporters and importers, local traders and trade intermediaries, financial institutions, logistics service providers, researchers and other are expected to attend the event.

High profile experts will share their thoughts and views on farm policies appropriate for the 12th FYP including investment opportunities, trade and tariff policies, food production, processing, distribution and pricing issues, infrastructure needs and a host of related matters. Global market dynamics, factors that impact grains business, role of non-fundamental factors such as energy prices, currency fluctuations, weather aberrations and so on will receive focused attention.

More information is available by calling 91.11.47675202 or e-mailing [email protected]. Additional information is available