BEILNGRIES, GERMANY — Bühler is offering an exclusive virtual live experience on May 15 of its new Application Center in Beilngries, Germany.

Participants will get a look at the 1,500-square-meter facility for grain handling, malting and brewing. Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

Opening soon, the Application Center will offer a platform for making existing processes more efficient — or completely rethinking them. The research facility offers a large range of testing possibilities.

At the heart of many grain processing plants is a universal cleaning machine (TAS), the cleaning principle of which is based on a combination of sieve cleaning and aspiration. For the version installed in the Application Center, all relevant sieve inserts are available for testing. This means that the optimum sieve and parameter variation can be determined for the customer’s own raw materials and the cleaning performance optimized, while an Ultratrieur allows the efficient sorting of round, broken and long grains.

For more complex cleaning tasks, an optical sorter (SORTEX A) with different inspection and illumination systems is available. Material is separated on up to five chutes and recorded by a camera system, with the images evaluated in fractions of a second. If there are deviations from the target values in color, shape or size, individual grains are separated from the good product by compressed air. This means that damaged, broken or foreign grains can be removed and the quality and purity of the batch increased, while grains discolored by mold or ergot can also be sorted out.

For transport between the individual plant systems, all common options are available — including those in redundant design — which means that the optimum conveying technology can be determined for each product. Dedusting of machines, conveyors and silo cells is carried out via a range of aspiration and filter systems.

More information about the center is available here.