DEAD SEA, JORDAN — The 22nd Annual International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Mideast & Africa District Conference & Expo, planned Oct. 2-5 at Dead Sea, Jordan, will feature unique educational programs and tours.

The first day the conference will cover management issues such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, corporate strategy and human resources. The second day will cover technical and educational presentations and what's new sessions, which are designed to address milling innovations, trends and challenges. The last day will be dedicated to the trading session to discuss the grain and crop situation worldwide.

Program highlights include:

* Diversification strategies of the milling industry presented by Buhler AG, Christopher Rubin.
* Global trends in government held strategic grain reserves by SGR, David Mckee.
* What's new highlight sessions.
* Worldwide outlook of commodities by renowned presenters

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