PARIS, FRANCE — Ongoing strikes that have disrupted France’s rail and port activities could have a severe impact on the cereal sector, Reuters reported citing French grain industry players.

The month-long public transport strike has made it difficult for grain producers to get their crop to ports and factories.

Intercereales, the French grain organization, said in a letter on Jan. 20 that the situation is now dramatic for grain exports.

“The grain industry cannot go without train freight, which is particularly adapted to massive grain transport, nor without ports to export nearly 50% of its production,” Intercereales said in a letter seen by Reuters. “The strikes ... are paralyzing the marketing campaign that was expected to be better than in previous years.”

Some livestock feed producers have experienced outages because they can’t bring in enough crops, according to farm sector representatives.

Intercereales said 450,000 tonnes of grain worth some 100 million euros ($111 million) were blocked in French ports, Reuters said.

The lobby group warned that international clients were now turning to alternative origins, including northern Europe, Baltic countries and the Black Sea.