SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, U.S. — Wilbur-Ellis, an international marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal nutrients, and specialty chemicals and ingredients, on Nov. 20 announced the acquisition of Nachurs Alpine Solutions (NAS), a specialty liquid chemical manufacturer serving the precision agriculture, transportation, energy, and diversified industrial sectors in North America.

NAS is the largest acquisition in Wilbur-Ellis’ history, which is consistent with the company’s commitment to reinvest in the business.

Formed in 1946, NAS pioneered precision-placed liquid fertilizer, formulated to meet the nutritional needs of crops and growing conditions in the United States and Canada.

Nachurs Alpine Solutions is Wilbur-Ellis’ largest acquisition and comes two weeks after the acquisition of Rangen, Inc.

As part of Wilbur-Ellis, NAS will operate as a new business division, alongside the company’s other core businesses — Agribusiness, Nutrition and Connell. NAS will be led by its current president and chief executive officer Jeff Barnes, who will report to John Buckley, president and CEO of Wilbur-Ellis. NAS’ products will continue to be sold under its signature brands, including NACHURS and ALPINE liquid fertilizers in the United States and Canada, and Nachurs Alpine Solutions Industrial (NASi) products in the transportation, mining, energy, and industrial chemicals markets.

NAS’ brands are supported by more than 200 employees, seven strategically located manufacturing plants, and 85-plus distribution terminals in the United States and Canada.

John Buckley, president and CEO of Wilbur-Ellis.

“NAS is a great strategic fit for Wilbur-Ellis,” Buckley said. “It supports our One Wilbur-Ellis strategy, which promotes collaboration and leveraging our resources, experiences and knowledge across our businesses to add value and better serve customers.”

For example, NAS has built strong brands and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. This creates value and supports Wilbur-Ellis’ Agribusiness division, a recognized leader in precision agriculture technology and the distribution and marketing of crop protection, seed and nutritional products, Buckley said.

 He said the acquisition also enables Wilbur-Ellis to enter new markets and expand its specialty chemicals presence in North America. NAS’ de-icing and freeze prevention products are new for Wilbur-Ellis, while NAS’ involvement in the energy industry fits with Wilbur-Ellis’ role as a provider of specialty materials for oil and natural gas applications.

Wilbur-Ellis also sees collaboration opportunities for NAS and its Nutrition division, an industry leader in the international marketing and distribution of nutrients for the livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries. 

Market-driven innovation is another critical capability, Buckley said.

“NAS has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to innovate,” he said. “Over the past five years, the company has launched over 50 new products, which has provided greater stability in changing markets and contributed significantly to their product portfolio.”

Along with developing a number of new products, NAS supports Wilbur-Ellis’ history of innovation by providing technical assistance to customers, working with outside partners to surface the best ideas, and maintaining a strong focus on environmental sustainability, Buckley said.

 For example, in its liquid fertilizer business, NAS was one of the first companies to adopt the 4R Nutrient Stewardship philosophy, which promotes the right product being applied at the right rate in the right place at the right time. This approach increases product effectiveness and efficiency, allowing growers to increase yields while using less fertilizer and reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

 “At NAS, our business is built on quality, integrity and innovation,” said NAS’ Barnes. “So, we’re proud to be joining Wilbur-Ellis, a company that supports those values, has an unwavering commitment to safety, and is dedicated to serving customers.”

 In connection with the transaction, BMO Capital Markets Corp. acted as financial advisor for Nachurs Alpine Solutions and Rabobank acted as financial adviser for Wilbur-Ellis.