VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON, U.S. —Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, LLC, a supplier of nutrients to the livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries, on Nov. 6 announced the acquisition of the assets of Rangen, Inc., a privately held, 90-plus year-old aquaculture and general feed production company with production facilities in Buhl, Idaho, U.S., and Angleton, Texas, U.S.

“We’re excited to welcome another well-established business with a strong industry presence to Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition,” said Andrew Loder, president of the Nutrition division of Wilbur-Ellis, a marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal nutrients, and specialty chemicals and ingredients.

“Rangen is a strategic fit for Nutrition,” Loder said. “It significantly expands our aquaculture business, immediately giving Wilbur-Ellis a nationwide platform from which to expand in one of the fastest-growing markets in the global feed industry. The acquisition also benefits the company’s livestock, pet and companion animal offerings by expanding our branded and custom-formulated feed options. We have been very impressed by the focus of Rangen employees on innovation, and their laser focus on helping customers succeed.”

The aquaculture business includes the production of high-quality feed for fish — including trout, salmon and shrimp — which helps to meet growing consumer demand for healthy foods that are high in protein. Aquaculture also is environmentally sustainable, since feed is converted to fish production far more efficiently than other species, significantly reducing the resources required.

Rangen employs approximately 80 full-time employees at its headquarters and plant operations. The acquisition includes two plants in Buhl, which manufacture aquaculture and general feed products, as well as an aquaculture feed plant in Angleton.

Rangen employees will join Wilbur-Ellis, continuing in their roles at their current locations.

“Our Nutrition division has been an industry leader for nearly a century,” said John Buckley, president and chief executive officer of Wilbur-Ellis. “Through our diverse product lines, excellent service and innovation, we have positioned ourselves to be the provider of choice for customers and suppliers. As Rangen becomes a trusted brand of Wilbur-Ellis, we’re taking the next step in growing the Nutrition business with value-added products and services in diversified end markets.”

Rangen was founded in 1925, with its aquaculture division established in 1950.

“Throughout our history, a major advantage has been the experience, knowledge and customer commitment of Rangen employees,” said Chris Rangen, president of Rangen. “As this business becomes part of Wilbur-Ellis, I know these same strengths will propel the business to even greater growth. That’s good for employees and the customers they serve.”

Loder added, “We’re extremely pleased to welcome Rangen employees to Wilbur-Ellis. We’re a family-owned company that is about to celebrate our 100th anniversary. But as proud as we are of our history, we’re focused on the future — and an organization like Rangen and its team will help us maintain our deep commitment to safety and deliver on our ambitious growth, value and innovation goals.”