CAMPINAS, BRAZIL — Grain traders don’t support banning soybeans from Brazil’s savannah region, which would duplicate an agreement in place for the Amazon rain forest, Reuters reported.

An executive assistant with Anec, an industry association representing major grain traders such as Archer Daniels Midland Co., Cargill and Louis Dreyfus, told Reuters, “There is no intention of doing this.”

Brazilian farmers have said they would launch a campaign against the soy moratorium in the Amazon agreed to 2006. That agreement bans trading in soy from areas deforested after 2008 and is credited with virtually eliminating soy-related deforestation in that region.

However, farmers have expanded into the savannah, or Cerrado, region, leading to destruction of about half of its vegetation over the last 50 years, Reuters said.

Anec said that replicating the Amazon model in the Cerrado would not work. He said under Brazil’s forestry code that went into effect in 2012, farmers have the right to expand planting on their properties under certain limits. That would be incompatible with a moratorium.