CHESHIRE, U.K. — Henry Simon’s HSRM roller mill, winner of the Grapas award in 2018, brings together technology and functionality for its users.

Design work was done in partnership with ITALDESIGN, which has offered development services for the automotive and various other industries since 1968.

HSRM is equipped with advanced sensor technology, which allows real-time tracking of the operating conditions and a higher level of reliability, process optimization and safety.

The sensors are used in the inlet, feeding and grinding systems (stock level, feed roll rotation and position, etc.) for a continuous and consistent milling performance.

The motor load, air pressure, ambient sensors etc. are used for a safe operation, while a vibration sensor is responsible for the overall protection of the roller mill by predicting any failure.

HSRM also offers a roll temperature monitoring system by thermal camera technology. The heat distribution of the main rolls can be simultaneously monitored on a chart or in a detailed graphical view.

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