RHEEMS, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S. — The Wenger Group said on Sept. 30 that it will purchase Risser Grain, LLC, including seven grain locations, a fertilizer facility and a feed mill.

The purchase agreement includes the grain and fertilizer operations of Risser. The grain facilities have millions of bushels of storage and processing capacity. Risser’s fertilizer facility and production capacity is one of the largest in Pennsylvania.

As part of the transaction, Wenger also will be purchasing the Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., feed mill, which it recently began operating under a leasing arrangement with an affiliate of Risser.

“We have enjoyed a strategic relationship with Risser for many years as one of our key ingredient suppliers that is critical to sustaining our operations,” said Phil Rohrbaugh, president and chief executive officer of The Wenger Group. “Expanding into grain operations further strengthens our reliability and sustainability as a manufacturer of feed for protein producers. The acquisition will also enable us to better support our agronomy partners, who play a critical role in the food supply chain and how we meet our customer needs.”

While Risser is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wenger, the Risser Grain name and brand will continue, and it will be operated separately with Brent Risser continuing as the president of the business and all of the Risser employees remaining in place to serve its customer base.

“We are extremely excited about this strategic combination,” Brent Risser said. “With the support of the Wenger organization, we will be able to offer even more attention to regional grain producers and to our end-user customer base. Ensuring sustainability is crucial to maintaining a strong and growing agricultural sector in our region and beyond.”

The Wenger Group is a 75-year-old family-owned agricultural products and services organization, which includes Wenger Feeds, LLC, Nutrify, LLC, and Dutchland Farms, LLC. With over 350 team members and nine feed milling locations in two states, the company is a regional provider of poultry and swine feeds, performance ingredient solutions, niche market eggs, and allied services in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Risser Grain is a 45-year-old family-owned grain dealer of corn, wheat, soybeans, and barley as well as an exclusive distributer of custom mixed fertilizer.