ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — A shakeup is coming to the top trading positions at Louis Dreyfus Co., according to an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg.

The news agency said the memos describe a scenario that will include a combined grains and oilseeds platform, as well as new heads of soybeans, corn, wheat and meals.

Markus Reis, currently head of the company’s coffee platform, is expected to become head of wheat, while Andrew Ballentine and Christopher Lush will be charged with leading corn and soybeans, respectively. Olivier Saur will be the new head of meals, according to the memo.

Bloomberg said the memos indicate Wladimir Blanckaert will take the lead on developing complementary grains activities such as barley, sorghum and pulses.

The company’s palm and oils business, meanwhile, is expected to be merged into a single unit led by Jacinto Peralta Ramos and James Kilpatrick.

Louis Dreyfus has not commented on the potential changes.

The leadership shakeup comes a little less than a year after Ian McIntosh and Federico Cerisoli were promoted to chief executive officer and chief financial officer, respectively.