AKRON, COLORADO, U.S. — CHS, Inc. is taking steps to upgrade its grain elevator in Akron, Colorado, U.S., according to the Akron News-Reporter.

The newspaper noted that CHS is hoping to increase the speed of the elevator by ramping up the speed of an existing leg and adding another leg inside the elevator to handle more grain faster. The improvements are expected to allow the elevator to operate four times faster.

Meanwhile, CHS is in the process of adding another scale on site, giving it inbound and outbound scales. According to the Akron News-Reporter, the additional scales will remove the traffic bottlenecks and improve the flow of trucks in and out of the elevator.

CHS also is installing an RFID card system, the newspaper noted. The new system is expected to allow the driver to scan a card with grain account information, which automatically will be uploaded into the CHS grain-tracking system. The whole process is expected to speed up time spent on site and get drivers back to the fields quicker, the newspaper said.