HERENTALS, BELGIUM — Kemin Industries highlighted its Application Engineering Technology Services at VICTAM International 2019 in Cologne, Germany, which concludes June 14.

The millSMART program provides products, services and solutions to optimize process control and deliver productivity, quality and feed safety for customers in the feed processing and storage industry. One of the cornerstones of the programs is Kemin’s application engineering technology.

“The essence of the millSMART program is more than just unique product formulation; it’s pairing it with innovative application technology to maximize product distribution, penetration and overall efficacy,” said Raf Snoekx, business development manager — Application Engineering Technology, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health — EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa).

Kemin offers a total solution, complete with customized equipment, services and training, to ensure its liquid products are optimally utilized to reach desired effectiveness. To achieve this, Kemin has a team of experts who design and manufacture tailored application systems. A dedicated team of local service engineers located across the EMENA region oversee installation, on-site training and maintenance. This results in an improved throughput, energy saving, pellet quality and feed yield output.

“The millSMART program ensures our customers achieve profitable and sustainable operations under all conditions,” said Carmen Coetzee, product manager — Feed Processing and Feed Safety, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health — EMENA.

At VICTAM, the world’s largest dedicated event for the animal feed processing industries, Kemin is highlighting its complete millSMART program, focusing on digitalization and innovative technologies. The team is exhibiting nozzle technology that maximizes product efficacy; a real-time automatic sampler that assists with calibrations and representative sample taking; and a millSMART online demonstration.