CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, U.S. — REMBE’s high-pressure rupture disc (HPRD) can last longer than traditional discs because the pressure load is only on the seat of the disc, not the seam.

Unlike traditional discs, the weld seam on the HPRD is out of the pressure loaded area of the disc. The burst pressure is defined only by well-controlled parameters such as material thickness and it is not influenced by the strength of the weld seam. This precise control over the rupture disc response pressure also allows the tightest burst tolerances of +/- 3% and lower.

REMBE HPRD is a proven solution under real process conditions, including reactors, autoclaves and compressors.  This long-life version for high-pressure applications has a lifetime that is 5 to 10 times higher than that of a standard rupture disc, REMBE said.  That saves money and installation time by eliminating downtime caused by unwanted responses.