SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, U.S. — TeleSense, an IoT technology innovator that provides solutions for improving grain storage, has acquired Webstech, a Danish-based wireless sensor technology company. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“Spoilage and energy optimization in drying grain continue to be multi-billion dollar issues; TeleSense provides the data insights needed for players throughout the global grain ecosystem to improve safety and profitability,” said Naeem Zafar, chief executive officer of TeleSense. “The acquisition of Webstech greatly accelerates our entry into the European market and provides millions of additional historical data points to further refine our machine learning technology and predictive algorithms.”

TeleSense’s GrainSafe scalable artificial intelligence platform continuously monitors temperature and humidity in grain storage facilities via portable and fixed wireless sensors to provide a real-time, comprehensive view of stored grain conditions. The technology already has been utilized in the United States and Australia, and through the partnership with Webstech now will be deployed across Europe, TeleSense said.

“How grain is stored, handled and traded in the years to come will change as new IoT-enabled technologies take hold throughout the supply chain,” said Peter Votkjaer Jorgensen of Maersk Growth Ventures, who will join the board of directors of the newly created TeleSense Europe ApS subsidiary. “We think that this acquisition by TeleSense will accelerate the mission of higher sustainability and efficiency in the grain supply chain.”

TeleSense said it will add a European office in Denmark and integrate Webstech technology advances, including industrial automation capabilities, solar/battery power functionality and alternate form factors such as sensor spears, into its own offering. In addition, TeleSense can use more than 20 million temperature and humidity observations generated by hundreds of existing Webstech customers to improve its proprietary machine-learning algorithms, while meeting E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Thomas Kylling, CEO of Webstech, will join the TeleSense team as managing director for Europe.

“After operating in the European remote sensing space for almost a decade, I was absolutely blown away by TeleSense’s integration of data science with an IoT solution for grain,” Kylling said. “I think that TeleSense will help drive the automation of the grain supply chain, and I’m excited to help lead the effort in Europe.”