VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN — Symaga completed several important projects in 2018, which it said ensures a growing turnover and reference list for the next few years.

Projects included a new storage terminal and extrusion soybean plant in the Algerian port of Djen Djen. The facility has a storage capacity of 240,000 tonnes and includes 12 silos, 32-meters in diameter, making them among the world’s largest steel silos.

With capacity to process 1.6 million tonnes per year, this plant and terminal is one of the most important port structures in the Mediterranean, Symaga said.

Symaga is working with CTS Steel Silos/CTS Group on a grain storage project in Sudan that includes 300,000 tonnes of capacity. It is divided into two plants with more than 90 silos in Barakat city on the coast of the Blue Nile, and in Manqil city, in the state of Al Jazirah.

Asia is a key area for Symaga’s strategy, thanks to the growing demand storage that is expected in the coming years, the company said. After entering the market five years ago with a more aggressive commercial policy, Symaga completed projects that included the first bulk port terminal in Indonesia and facilities in Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

In 2018, the company had three new projects in Myanmar: Kirim’s new brewery, with nine 920/11T45 silos and two 610/11T60 silos; a new logistics terminal of 55,000 cubic meters with 13 flat bottom silos with a 15-meter diameter and three discharge silos with a 4.6-meter  diameter; and a wheat storage plant for the new mill currently under construction by one of the leading global food groups.

The list of references in the American continent is also on the uptick. Grupo Modelo, a leader in the production, distribution and sale of beer in Mexico, with exports in more than 180 countries, has relied on Symaga for its new plants in Zacatecas and Puebla, with a total of 22 hopper silos and a capacity of more than 27,000 cubic meters. Also in Mexico, a new bioethanol plant of 27,000 cubic meter capacity has been supplied.

In the Panamanian city of David, Symaga has signed a new rice plant with a capacity of 38,500 cubic meters, distributed in 13 silos designed to improve the conservation of rice, with fully perforated aeration floor and double walls, to increase thermal insulation.

In Uruguay, 10 hopper silos with a 10.7-meter diameter are being assembled for Maltería Oriental, one of the main malting plants in the country. The plant is on the outskirts of the city of Montevideo, a few minutes from the port, and a few kilometers from its barley crops.

“With these projects, 2018 affirms Symaga Silos as a leader in the manufacturing of industrial silos for the largest storage projects in the world,” the company said. “Its manufacturing capacity, its technological commitment and coordination and technical excellence provide the perfect basis for the Symaga team to guarantee the development of large facilities.”