WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will invest $37 million to help Egypt improve its agricultural sector.

The Egypt Rural Business Strengthening project will build resilience in the sector, which will help with food security, prosperity and self-reliance for Egyptians, said Mark Green, USAID administrator.

Egyptian farmers and food processors will make connections to domestic and international markets, gain access to financial institutions, increase adherence to international food and safety standards and find markets to export crops.

The project will assist Egyptian agribusinesses modernize food technology and delivery systems by upgrading processing facilities, refrigeration trucks, and water-efficient irrigation systems.

This project builds on USAID’s previous commitments to Egypt’s agricultural sector, including in irrigation infrastructure, the establishment of agricultural-export organizations, and training programs to help farmers transition from traditional staple crops to high-value horticulture.

Green also announced partnerships with American universities to create centers of excellence in Egypt, including one focused on agriculture.

The centers will establish links between Egyptian universities and leading counterparts in the United States, help forge relationships between Egyptian and American researchers and experts, and drive research and innovation in sectors key to Egypt's economic growth.

Cornell University in New York will partner with Cairo University to create a Center of Excellence in Agriculture.