REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — China will no longer accept shipments of canola from Viterra, Inc., making it the second Canadian company to have its registration canceled by the Chinese.

China’s General Administration of Customs made the announcement on its website March 26, effective immediately. This comes days after the Canola Council of Canada said China was unwilling to purchase canola seed.

Earlier this month, China canceled the registration of Richardson International. Canadian officials hoped to resolve the issue quickly, but said it seems unlikely now.

Viterra has not yet commented on the cancellation.

China has claimed the bans are due to pests it has found in shipments. However, there is speculation of political retaliation tied to the December arrest of Meng Wanzhou, an executive with Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

China is a top destination for Canadian canola, accounting for about 40% of its exports of that commodity. Total value of canola exports to China is estimated at C$4.4 billion, according to the CCC.