NORWICH, VERMONT, U.S. — King Arthur Flour has added a new category to its line of baking products available in supermarkets: flax. The two new products — whole flax seed and whole flax meals — are non-bioengineered, certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group, and kosher.

“Consumers look to King Arthur Flour for high-quality products to fill all their baking needs, and our new whole flax seed and whole flax meal products provide us with just another way to offer home bakers everything they need right in their own supermarket,” said Tom Payne, marketing director for King Arthur Flour. “In a consumer survey, up to 87% of consumers rated our new flax products as ‘excellent’ in freshness, taste, texture, appearance, and bake-ability, compared with only 47% for their current flax.”

King Arthur Flour said the flax products are “finer in grind, milder in taste, and lighter in color for better performance in a wide variety of uses.” Additionally, they are milled for freshness and nutritional value, and are milled from identity-preserved, U.S.-grown flax, traceable back to the farm.