ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, chairperson of Louis Dreyfus Company Holdings B.V. (LDCH), on Jan. 28 announced that the Group’s majority shareholder, Akira, which is her family trust, recently completed the buyout of the minority shareholders who so desired. The transaction brings Akira’s stake in the Group to 96.2%.

“The buyout turns a page in the Group’s history to a new and exciting chapter,” Ms. Louis-Dreyfus said. “I am extremely grateful for the incredible heritage that is ours today. With a stable ownership structure in place, a clear strategy for our next growth phase and a strong management team, we are well positioned to write our next chapter and fulfill our purpose to create fair and sustainable value for the long term,” she concluded.

LDCH is the holding company of global merchant and processor of agricultural goods, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC). LDC has announced a four-pillar growth strategy centered on strengthening its trading edge, integrating vertically, diversifying revenues through value-added products and innovation in technologies, food, etc.

The strategy, which will be driven largely by partnerships, joint ventures and co-investments, underpins the company’s vision to help feed the world’s ever-growing population ethically and sustainably.

LDC operates its business worldwide under two segments: Value Chain and Merchandizing. In 2018, the company modified the composition of its two segments. The Value Chain segment now includes the Juice, Grains and Oilseeds platforms, along with Freight and Global Markets (formerly called the Finance Platform). The Merchandizing segment now combines Sugar, Coffee, Cotton, Rice and Dairy.