ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — Akira, the family trust of Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, has increased its stake in Louis Dreyfus Holding to 80% from 65%, Louis-Dreyfus said on March 26.

Louis-Dreyfus also said she expects the company to name a new chief executive officer by the end of year.

The Louis-Dreyfus family has maintained control of the group since its founding in 1851. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus has been increasing her stake in the company since her husband’s death in 2009.

The Akira family trust deal is expected to close in June. Louis-Dreyfus would not say how much she paid for the increased stake, which will give Akira a “supermajority” in the holding company’s decision making.

“One of Akira’s main goals to is keep family control of the company, and with 80 percent we have complete control,” said Louis-Dreyfus, told media outlets. “Gaining a supermajority was important.”

While there were no plans to acquire the remaining 20% of the shares, she said Akira would be willing to buy additional stock if more family members wanted to sell.