WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — CBH Group has recently mailed membership applications to more than 500 growers inviting them to become new members of the cooperative, CBH said on June 23.

Growers are eligible to become a member of CBH after they have delivered grain to CBH in the same delivery title in either of the last two seasons with the aggregate of all grain deliveries made in a single delivery title over the last three seasons to be no less than 600 tonnes. The company currently has around 4,600 grower members.

CBH Group Chairman Neil Wandel said CBH each year invited eligible growers who were not yet members to apply to become so.

"Being a member of CBH gives growers a range of benefits but most importantly it gives them the opportunity to have a say in the direction of the only major grain organization in Australia that is solely focused on their interests," Wandel said.