WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — CBH Group Member Director Derek Clauson will not seek re-election beyond his term that expires at the end of 2019.

Clauson, who runs a continuous cropping operation at Yelbeni and Bencubbin, has been a director of CBH since February 2013.

He is currently chairman of the Workplace Health and Safety Committee, as well as chairman of the Network and Engineering Committee.

Clauson said he would continue to have an active interest in CBH and Western Australia’s agricultural sector.

“I have much enjoyed representing our growers over the past five years on the CBH board, and have always sought to advance their needs and aspirations in that time,” he said. “In retiring from the board, I am looking forward to the birth of my 14th grandchild and spending time with my family."

Wally Newman, chairman of CBH, thanked Clauson for his contribution to CBH and his representation of growers.

“Derek has worked tirelessly for the co-operative and growers during his tenure, and brought to the board a valuable and diverse set of skills, including from his time in oil and gas, and other industries,” Newman said. “On behalf of the board, I sincerely thank Derek for his contribution to CBH and we wish him every success in his future endeavors.”