MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — As global food input prices reach critical levels, the topic of risk management is more important than ever to securing a company’s financial future, said Jay O’Neil, senior agricultural economist for the International Grains Program (IGP) at Kansas State University (KSU).

“World commodity prices continue to be extremely volatile and food inflation is on the minds of all global grain buyers and governments; therefore, managing price risk is essential,” O’Neil said.

Thus, professionals responsible for buying U.S. food and feed grains, commodity traders and bankers, may want to attend the basic and/or advanced risk management short course to be held at IGP this summer. The basic course is planned for Aug. 22-24, with the advanced course to follow Aug. 25-26.

“The risk management courses give participants a good understanding of commodity risk management principles as well as providing them tools and real world strategies that can be used to control costs and maintain profitability,” O’Neil said.

The basic course will cover the relationship between cash and futures markets, fundamental and technical analysis, futures spreads principles of hedging, and principles of risk management and basis trading.

Advanced course participants will learn the principles of futures and option trading, OTC markets, the Greeks, futures put and call strategies for hedging, spreads and butterflies. The last day of the course includes a futures trading simulation.

As O’Neil talks about the relevance of the course, he said, “In today’s volatile and dangerous commodity markets, understanding and applying the principles of risk management is critical to a company’s survival.”

For more information on how to register and course fees, please visit theIGP website.