Subsidiary in Colombia will extend Eurogerm's technical and commercial reach in Latin America.
DIJON, FRANCE — Eurogerm has opened its 11thsubsidiary with its new unit based in Medellin, Colombia.

Colombia has 40 industrial bakeries and 30 flour mills.

The establishment of Eurogerm Colombia will extend Eurogerm’s technical and commercial reach in Latin America, a region where it already has subsidiaries in Mexico, Peru and Brazil, the company said.

The subsidiary is run by Andrés Builes, a food engineering specialist who has worked with Eurogerm for several years.

It will provide local technical assistance, so Eurogerm will be able to customize its products and services to a high degree, which has been a key success factor for the group.

“The opening of this new subsidiary represents a key milestone in the execution of our strategy of international expansion,” said Benoît Huvet, Eurogerm’s chief operating officer, and Jean-Philippe Girard, chairman and chief executive officer. “Our presence in Colombia will help to raise our profile and establish a stronger foothold in the Andean and Caribbean regions. We also remain on the look-out for any international acquisition and development opportunities.”