The BR-SM18 sandblasting machine includes two vertical nozzles for alumina and corundum gunning.
Photo courtesy of Balaguer Rolls.
ALICANTE, SPAIN — Balaguer Rolls introduced a new sandblasting machine that achieves greater capacity while reducing energy consumption.

The BR-SM18 sandblasting machine includes two vertical nozzles for alumina and corundum gunning, getting a much faster and cleaner sandblasting process, since the double vertical nozzle obtains a more equalized sandblasting, avoids the table exit and reduces the shafts sandblasting at the minimum, by allowing to increase the advance speed, the company said.

Air consumption is reduced due to the venturi system of the double sandblasting nozzle and the suction system with hopper and filter. Moreover, a constant clean and dry air supply is obtained to get optimal conditions in the rolls sandblasting.

In order to obtain a more homogenous roughness and sandblasting, the BR-SM18 machine has a bag filter and cyclone suction system. Thus, the mix is recycled while the finer grains are separated to be finally suctioned and filtered. A constant uniformity in the grain size is guaranteed during the sandblasting process, Balaguer said.

Parameters for all the sandblasting process are completely adjustable through the PLC interface. The integrated touch screen on the machine allows modifying parameters such as shaft and advance speed in an easy and intuitive way. The sand gunning and translation movement are controlled throughout the chosen roll.

In conclusion, the company introduces a revolutionary sandblasting machine that offers a faster and higher quality sandblasting process at the same time that the energy use for the client is reduced at the minimum.

Sandblasted rolls ensure an optimal flour extraction due to the achieved sandblasting uniformity. The flour extraction is made in optimal conditions without putting more pressure than needed on the rolls, avoiding overheating the flour and damage to the gluten.