BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — The European Biodiesel Board (EBB) elected Kristell Guizouarn as its new president, taking over for Alain Brinon.

The election took place during the annual general assembly in Brussels, Belgium, on May 18.

Guizouarn has more than 15 years of experience in the biodiesel sector, most recently as group director for New Energies and European Affairs in the Avril Group, France. She also has been an active member of the EBB for 12 years.

Guizouarn began serving as a Technical Working Group member in 2006 in the EBB. She worked her way up to serve as chair of the Technical Working Group in 2010, and continued to serve three terms as chair.

Her technical experience in the industry covers a wide spectrum, ranging from agricultural and petroleum products, standardization, R&D, to European quality and sustainability control and regulations, such as RED, REDII, Globium to name a few.

She was director of sustainable development for the Avril Group from 2011-18.

“The discussions underway between the European Commission, Parliament and Council should soon end in a decision regarding the future of renewable energies for the period 2021-30, in the context of revisions to the RED-II Directive,” Guizouarn said. “The coming months will be decisive, and we must be able to put forward a strong and united viewpoint if we are to ensure the best possible future for our sector. In parallel, we need to maintain constant vigilance regarding the threats of unfair competition from third countries and especially from Argentina and Indonesia, whilst defending a minimum 14% share for renewables in transport, including the preservation of the contribution of crop-based biofuels, which is currently set to a maximum share of 7%.”